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Kim LASCURETTES - 49 years old, Director of LA BOÉTIE elementary school:

"With my professional experience both in France and abroad when I was studying in England, I decided to turn to the job of training 15 years ago by occupying the positions of consultant and responsible trainer Training centers.

I have always been interested in teaching methods, modes of learning, training, but especially in the educational system. My professional knowledge has allowed me to work with students from private universities and apprentices.

The findings of recent years have made me aware of certain flaws, both social and educational. Indeed, the lack of attention, accompaniment, listening on the part of the faculty and a rhythm of learning that is not adapted to the pupil can lead not only to a demotivation and a situation of academic suffering , But also on the psycho-affective balance of the student.

As founder and director of this school, I want our elementary school and our education system to be a place of fulfilment for all children, both academically and personally. "



Marie MOMBELLI - 31 years old, Teacher:

"Teacher in national education since 2011, I graduated with a BA in English literature and civilization and a Master 2 in the trades of education.

The values defended by the school La Boétie seem to me indispensable to help children build. The school must be a joyful and rewarding experience.

The highly motivating active pedagogies for the pupil enable him to become an actor in his learning and to be truly placed at the center of the pedagogical space. I join the educational team to accompany each child in the construction of his knowledge while respecting his rhythms and his modes of learning. "




Nadia FRITZ - 34 years old, Educator and Moderator:

"Graduate of a DEUG in Psychology, a Bachelor's Degree in Education Sciences. I continued my training by obtaining the Patent of Aptitude for the Functions of Animator and the Diploma of State of Specialized Educator.

My various experiences for almost 15 years in animation, socio-educational support and associative life, with various audiences (especially in the fields of childhood, disability and parenthood), as well as my Taste of music, creativity, travel, have always aroused my interest in the human, social and living world.

Accompanying by pleasure, adaptation and the relationship of trust is for me the basis of all learning and any educational relationship. "



Annalisa NICOLA - 37 years old, Psychologist and Moderator:

"Clinical psychologist since 2006. Graduated in Clinical Psychology at the University of Turin, Italy and trained in systemic family therapy at the School of Systemic-Relational Family Psychotherapy in Turin.

Teacher for two and a half years in a Montessori school in Biella, Italy and a psychotherapist for four years in the Biella Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department.

Since 2011, workshops of music, dance and initiation to yoga and meditation for children.

Singer, dancer, practitioner of yoga and meditation, lover of nature. "



Arthur MARTY - 19 years old, Moderator:

"The active pedagogies make it possible to make the pupil actor of his own learning and to put into practice his knowledge through real cases. They are, in my view, essential in the development of learning.

As a computer engineer, computer language is part of a full-fledged language, like English, German, etc. The algorithm is part of the basics in computer science and this word "barbarian" can frighten.

Today, I am convinced that children can learn computer science while having fun, just use the right methods. "




Nicolas TARDIEU - 19 years old, Moderator:

"Currently in the 2nd year of a Bachelor's degree in a computer school and a future engineer, it is with interest that I discovered the spirit of the school La Boétie. The active pedagogies used in this method seem to me to be interesting: to arouse the desire to learn by curiosity and interest; Give the child the means to answer the questions he or she asks himself.

I want to share my knowledge and my passion for computer science by hosting various workshops so that children become familiar with this tool that is constantly developing. "



Estelle HAU - 23 years old, Moderator:

"Born in France and of Chinese origin my parents inculcated this culture which is transmitted from generation to generation. Learning Chinese requires some dexterity but it remains a very simple language, everything depends on the method used.

My goal is to make discover this language as well as Chinese culture while having fun. I chose to do workshops at the school La Boétie because for me, active pedagogies are the most suitable for children.

Indeed, if we compare the Chinese education system which is very strict and intensive (Monday to Saturday), I think that the child needs to understand and practice without stress and without anxiety, he must be free and know Learn while having fun. "


Karen POLESELLO - 27 years old, Designer and Moderator:

"As a cabinetmaker and designer, for the past three years, I have been developing a project for pedagogical innovation through design in an elementary environment.

I wonder about the correspondence between the artistic practice and the project of design with the children. A graduate in crafts, design and education, I find in La Boétie's desire to accompany project-based learning, reconciling so-called intellectual subjects with manuals.

This project of pedagogical innovation through design puts practice at the heart of learning, in order to encourage the development of creativity and material culture while giving meaning to learning. This is a pedagogy that has been undergoing experimentation for three years, and is engaged in an educational and social action influenced by the pedagogies Montessori and Freinet. "


Tammicah MARGUERY – 35 years old, Moderator:

"Originated from the island Dominica, I’m an english trainer. I’m currently sharing my time as an english teacher at a Montessori school and as a private tutor. My choice to teach english at the  Elementary school LA BOÉTIE - "A safe and fulfilling education" is an obvious choice because it corresponds to my values.

I particularly like the interactive methods in the educational activities while using various tools to ensure the enthusiasm of the pupils.


Some of our teaching staff and educators are currently being recruited.

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