The Ovide DECROLY pedagogical method:


According to Ovide DECROLY, the school purpose will be really reached only if it becomes a "school of the life for the life". In other words, a school that uses no other means than life as it surrounds the child and as it meets its needs, its tendencies, its instincs. "A custom made school", is the assertion that could best describe the thought of Decroly.


Decroly widely focused his pedagogy on the interests of the child, considering them inseparable.


For Decroly, the class becomes a workshop where the child acts and lives. We practise there the type of work that allows real experimentation as well as the right to make mistakes. We also promote games which encourages joy. "We must, in Education, admit the joy!" asserts Decroly.


The child participates in the development of his or her own knowledge rather than passively receiving a succession of intended notions. The teacher's role is completely different from the one he would have in traditional schools. "No teacher who speaks while the children listen but a close collaboration during which the child learns to act."