The education of the child is no longer the work of a single actor: he lives in his family with a given emotional, social and practical environment of leisure in school and out of school.


Far from a traditional "daycare", the function of the "FREEDOM WORKSHOPS" is to offer children artistic, cultural or well-being activities in a playful way and supervised by animators specialized in their field of predilection and that after the courses . The objective of each workshop is to introduce an activity to the children not associated with the course. These workshops can be realised in the form of immersion and can become a coherent passage towards deeper understanding; the goal being not to acquire the technicality of a material, but its discovery.


Beyond their well-being, our "FREEDOM WORKSHOPS" are designed to develop children's self-confidence and imagination.


These workshops are optional and the choices of the children enrolled in our school.


Here is a non-exhaustive list of workshops we will offer to children after school, outside school holidays.



Examples of workshops put in place: