The Maria MONTESSORI Pedagogical method:


Let us focus first on that of MONTESSORI. This pedagogy is based on the sensorial awakening of the child and the development of his spirit of autonomy. It consists of creating a prepared environment and offering attractive, rich and varied material to promote the harmonious growth of the student.


The MONTESSORI method (download PDF - French) gives freedom to the child by helping him to become independent through muscular, sensory, intellectual and social education. It leads to the harmonious development of the personality of the child who thus prepared, becomes able to guide his own actions and direct his will.


It therefore develops a work discipline that promotes free activity and conscious effort.


1. By the motor education, it makes the child conscious of its members and master of its movements.

2. By sensory education, it makes him aware of the surrounding environment and teaches him differences and similarities. 

3. By the intellectual education practiced in such a way that every mental effort is accompanied by a muscular activity, it makes it conscious of its psychophysical constitution, and the habit of making of its body the instrument of the mind. Hence the necessity of the didactic material which stimulates the activity of the child, and the importance of the discreet attitude of the master.


To promote or provoke spontaneous activity, the MONTESSORI method offers the child "activity patterns" that always require mental effort and spontaneous muscular effort, because the body is not only the instrument of the " Spirit, it is also the support and the substrate. "The hand is the tool of intelligence" according to Montessori.