Safeguarding the environment and our heritage has become a global issue. Respecting human beings depends above all on protecting the environment in which we live.


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Children love nature and are curious about the surrounding environment: trees, flowers, animals, etc. Knowing how to make them aware by having good habits means explaining to them that they will become citizens who will contribute to preserving nature so that the planet stays beautiful; contributing to what we call "sustainable development".


This awareness will come from creative workshops, activities and outings around different themes such as ecological gestures (learning to recycle, saving water and electricity, caring for nature, Using draught paper, etc.) but also to enable them to act by proposing initiatives and actions to improve the world in which we live.


This approach to eco-citizenship (french) will be taught throughout the year with a dedicated time in the course schedule. We will address topics such as biodiversity, organic farming, fair trade, global warming and pollution, international solidarity, etc.