Teaching method Célestin FREINET:


Célestin FREINET is considered as the true founder of the active methods he applies to the children of the working classes and rural classes where he teaches. His psychology relies on the natural dynamism of the child (the vital impetus and the experimental trial and error) that allows him to develop.


Created on the freedom and free expression of children, the peculiarity of the FREINET pedagogy is to stimulate cooperative work on the basis of the students' interest. The relationship with the teacher is an almost egalitarian relationship.


Indeed, students can meet in the form of a class council to make their decision, choose and express their freedom of expression.


The aim of this pedagogy is to create and enforce rules of life in schools where children must find a taste for learning through their own participation and commitment. For FREINET, the development of children's critical thinking is central to the educational philosophy.


Célestin FREINET has spelled out 30 invariants (pdf - French) in order to allow teachers to evaluate their practices of the class in relation to the basic values ??and thus to appreciate the path that remains to be travelled.