Our values



For our school, the word "value" takes on all its forms and importance. Indeed, these forms represent postures of "being" and "acting" that an individual or a community recognise as "ideal". These will conjoin to make the people or attitudes to which they are attributed more interesting and respectful.


For us, the freedom for each student to learn at his own pace and to have the freedom to choose his activities is essential to our eyes. This will enable him to develop his autonomy and to strengthen his self-confidence.


It is our priority to focus the student at the heart of the system, to respect it, to listen to it, not to overburden classes and to encourage help, mutual help and individualization. Insist on the need for the student to relax, our priority being his well-being, no duty outside the classroom will be asked of the student.


An environment that will meet the needs of the student in order to help him or her build.

Encourage ALL children affected by socio-economic difficulties or from a delicate environmental, cultural or psychological context by enabling them to progress and have every chance of success at school.


Involving parents in the life and management of the school will be proposed, because the opinion of the parents of our students is important.


Being transparent, because our motto is to be authentic and not to hide anything, parents will also be invited to participate in the General Assemblies of the Bureau.