Our pedagogy



The elementary school "LA BOÉTIE" is a school based on alternative or differentiated pedagogies. These pedagogies allow a form of individualisation of the paths of the pupils in their school curriculum.


To develop and thrive, the child needs an appropriate environment where he can be active and feel free, an environment that corresponds to his needs and reveals him, a framework where at each step he finds the necessary means To its development.


The basic methods in our school will be those of Maria MONTESSORI and Célestin FREINET, but also other active pedagogical methods such as:


  • Project Pedagogy: It is based on the fact that the student learns better by being active and discovering by himself. It will allow, among other things, greater motivation to learn, better understanding of information, development of research, analysis and problem-solving capacities, and more social interaction.


  • Demonstrative method: This method allows the student to be guided throughout his / her learning until the practice. The pupil, with the help of his teacher, will understand and allow him to grasp step by step a new notion. The teacher will determine a pedagogical path: he shows, he makes do. The student, on the other hand, will explain what he has understood so that the teacher can assess the degree of understanding.


  • The maieutic method: The principle of this method is to help the pupils to acquire a clear awareness of the knowledge that is formed in their mind by questioning them, by dialoguing. The student is recognized as having elements of knowledge or representations of the content to be acquired. Through appropriate questioning, the teacher allows the student to construct his / her own knowledge or make connections (inferences) and to give meaning to sparse elements so that he or she can build A mental scheme. The student is asked to formulate what he knows, what he thinks, what he represents ... 





Our aim is that each pupils works at his own pace and is the object of an individual pedagogical follow-up. He can therefore satisfy his thirst for knowledge by truly enjoying it. In this way, he will grasp gradually and thoroughtly all the foundation necessary to tackle serenly his entry to middle-school.