Our originality



The objective and the challenge of our elementary school in Toulouse is to allow each student to develop in an appropriate environment; To consider its history and personality and to follow its own educational rhythm so that the latter, through repeated experiments as many times as he wishes, is "actor" of his own development and thus reach his potential.


It is therefore important that the child has freedom of movement and free choice of activities, allowing the development of his / her autonomy and responsibility.


The LA BOÉTIE school is not a school like the others, besides the fact that it is based on the so-called active pedagogies, we have created various workshops called "discovery workshops" which will be linked to the courses of the program of Education so that our students can learn while having fun.


The duration of the presence at the school has been rethought, indeed, our pupils will have course 1 hour more but will not have homework after school.


We also want to institutionalise computer courses at CP. The students will work on an annual and joint project in robotics or developing according to their level.


Because it is necessary to take advantage of every moment and to be entertained while learning "it is possible", the "freedom workshops" that we offer optionally after classes allow each student to discover or practice various fun activities.