Our charter



What is the charter of our school?


Through this charter, it is recalled that to adhere to our school implies the sharing of our values which are indispensable between the teaching staff, the school management, the parents and the children themselves: kindness, respect , Trust are our core values. The LA BOÉTIE school expects from each member an attitude based on loyalty, listening and attention paid to each.


1. Our school will be student centred. According to Maria MONTESSORI "Every child is unique, its rhythm of life, its qualities and its possible difficulties". It is thanks to him, with our help, that he will build his own personality.


2. "Taking pleasure is the most powerful driving force of learning," says Célestin FREINET. The relationship between adults and children is based on mutual trust beyond any relationship of power, punishment or rewards.


3. Education is only the development and revalorization of knowledge and not voluntary servitude.


4. The educational team of the school LA BOÉTIE is responsible for the student, his / her development and will consider the child as a being in its own right, it will promote its autonomy.


5. The stimulation of cooperative work on the basis of student interest and freedom of expression is central to our educational principle.


6. Give a place to the management of students' emotions so that they can learn to recognize and express them.


7. Respect for the child's environment will allow him / her to develop socially since he / she will be able to interact with other children of different ages and adults in a climate of freedom and respect.


8. The LA BOÉTIE elementary school is a non-denominational school, no religious education will be provided. Our school will respect the religious affiliation of the students if they are respectful of those of other children and do not influence the life of the school.


9. The social mix within the school BOÉTIE being a lever for school democratization, it strengthens the construction and open-mindedness of each student. Encouraging children from different socio-economic or socio-cultural backgrounds means allowing them to progress and to have every chance of success at school.


10. Our motto is to demonstrate fiscal and administrative transparency. LA BOÉTIE invites parents to participate in the General Assemblies of the Bureau so that each parent can be informed about the allocation of resources and the management of projects.